Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I Have Been Doing

I made a trip to Rapid City with my FIL to take care of some of his business.  It is about a 9 hour drive each way.  We went on Sunday and came back on Wednesday.  My body had not even adjusted before we turned around, so it has been a bit of a long week.  Even so, I did get into one quilt shop out in Rapid and spent money on some software and a couple of charm packs. (All of this is going to be used for two pre-planned projects.)  Last night and part of today I put things into my new linen press and really did the deep cleaning of my studio.  Cobwebs are something I really hate, so I vacuumed the corners, etc, and dusted all the surfaces.  Everyone is impressed with the cleanliness, but there were a few wisecracks about how long it would last. (If I were the only one contributing to the mess it would stay fairly clean, but since my FIL is also sewing, there seems to be 4x the mess, and I really don't think it is him!)
Over the weekend, I am going to try and complete a needle-turned block for my fat quarter sampler quilt.  No promises because I am also going to be out there cheering on my husband as he runs the Grandma's Marathon.

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  1. Whew, I got tired just reading your post!! :) Glad you are back and your room is clean, I spent last Sunday cleaning my sewing area too. It’s amazing how quickly that can get out of control huh?