Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Finish

This is a quilt-as-you-go that I had put away hoping that it would finish itself or disappear.  Basically, Jamie is lucky I did not wrap it with a bow to be found when I am ready to leave this world.  lol 

I liked the idea of the quilt, but the original version called for the backing to come to the front.  The backing is a batik, and it was a PROBLEM for me.  I do not know what was wrong, but the sewing machine needle did not seem to pierce all the layers in places.  That meant way more hand sewing than I wanted, so I took it apart and sewed the opposite way.  I did not have any problem.  WHY?  I do not have a clue.  The pattern for this was from Fun & Done! Quilting, but I have misplaced the name.  Since I have an HQ16, I don't really think I would make many of these quilt-as-you-go patterns, but I do have another that I will try, some day.

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