Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Well, I did do some sewing, but mostly we were out and about.  Kevin ran Grandma's Marathon and Dad got to watch his first race.  Don't know which one actually enjoyed it more.  Both had sore legs afterwards, but we all use the hot tub and did a little relaxing which seemed to help both of them.
We also did some special tourist type things.  I found a 50's style ice cream parlor for the ice cream loving guys and then we went to Split Rock Lighthouse.  Kevin talked the tour guide into sounding the fog horns.  It was a little boy's dream trip.  lol 
The guys mowed the yard today and then had a few hours of fun in the wood shop where they are making a dresser/changing  table for our new granddaughter.  While they did that I put together the blocks for the two small lap-size quilts for two other grandsons (blocks were sewn by my FIL using the same HeartStrings pattern he has used to make the Quilts of Valor and other charity blocks.  He says he is just helping out, but  I know that he is enjoying it because he talks about the designs and layouts. 
The late afternoon called for a trip to the boat for a picnic of Jimmy John's, fishing, and reading.  As we ended the day, everyone had a piece of apple pie made by my FIL and ice cream.  Who would not think it a perfect way to spend the weekend celebrating fatherhood?  (Would have loved having the kids and grandkids with us, but they had other plans.)

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