Friday, June 11, 2010

NO---This is not the same quilt as yesterday!

When I went to work I found there were about 12 more red-centered blocks and many others that will be used for other HeartStrings quilts finished by guild members and turned in for me to magically make into quilts.  I brought them home and added the the red-centers to the ones that my FIL made today.  Now we we have another Quilt of Valor ready to pieces.
So far today I have pieced together one QOV, one HeartStrings baby-size quilt, and two other kid-size quilts that have been hanging on my design wall waiting for some seams.  I have every intention of putting together 3 other QOV today and maybe even one of the smaller baseball quilts that my FIL is making using the strings pattern.  (Those are for his great-grandsons.)
In the next few weeks I think I will have quite a bit of car and waiting room time for binding so I want to get the quilts quilted and attach the binding so there will always be something to occupy my hands.


  1. Holy smokes! I can't keep up. Your FIL is a machine! Love them all... Love that they are therapeutic for both the givers and receivers.