Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Set of Blocks: More therapy and prayers

Dad, my FIL, just finished another set of blocks.  This one is made with flowered prints.  Some of which are definitely weeds by themselves, but they do look pretty good together.   I will put it together this week after finishing a couple other small sewing projects. This one will probably be going to a women's shelter, but I am gathering at the moment.  Those decisions are down the road. 
He asked for a set of strips for the Quilt of Valor next, so I am guessing that will be started some time today.  We make a good sewing team, especially when we are being held captive waiting for lab results.  As I say whenever I am making all comfort quilts, "Each stitch is a prayer."  This time I am thinking that each stitch is two or more prayers for us in the form of answers, patience, and faith, plus we are both adding lots of prayers for the people who will eventually be receiving the quilts.

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