Monday, May 24, 2010

Several Quilting Activities

With a great deal of help from my wonderful father-in-law, we are making another HeartStrings Quilt of Valor.  He has been here for only 2 days and he is almost 1/2 way through the 48 blocks.  He will make the blocks and I will put them together, then quilt and bind it.  Based on past experiences, I am willing to bet that we will get several quilts made in the next few weeks.  It is not a slave camp, he just works fast and stays on task.  
I am also working several projects for my soon-to-be-born 5th grandchild, a little girl.  I am using a variety of pattern ideas to make the quilt, but was most inspired by Layer 'em Up.  After reading through the pattern several times, I varied it to fit with what I wanted.  My take is a little different, but the idea seems very similar.  Even so, I guess that I might be buying more magazines and books than I thought because I have several other patterns that seem somewhat similar as well. I also made a valance using the yellow dotted fabric.   Great-Grandpa used his embroidery machine to make several blocks that will also be worked into another small quilt for this new little precious child.   The picture frame is a mock-up of the ones that I will be making.  I got the "Teddy Bear Frame" pattern by Mary Ayres from Quilting for Baby.  I am starting with frames for this grandchild and then I will use fabrics from the other grandkids quilts such as baseballs, monkeys and ???? for the others.  I can see these as great gifts for many of my friends.


  1. Love your Quilt of Valor. How do you get a FIL that stays on task to be your sewing partner? I need someone like that!

  2. Robin that's so cool that your FIL helps makes the string blocks. If my son lived closer, I would make him help me too. He used to like spending time in the sewing room talking to me and id out him to work while he did.