Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 57 to me!

So far it has been a perfect day!  We slept in until 6:30 and shared a simple breakfast.  Then we went out to buy wood for the linen press that Kevin is building for me.  We also made a quick stop for groceries.  After putting things away we headed for the Mall of America to see the jellyfish exhibit at the aquarium.  Although I know that the stings from these creatures can be very painful or even deadly, there is  something that really draws me in.  We will be back there in the near future --- during the week when there are not so many visitors.
I have also heard from the kids and laughed really hard when my grandson decided to hang up the phone instead of wishing me happy birthday---just because I did not have any birthday cake to share with him (He is 2 and lives in a different state.)
The last bit of fun came in the form of several gift certificates for fabric.  Do people know me, or what?? 

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  1. Did Kevin really buy you a jellyfish? Or is that just a joke?