Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Salute

My father passed away 44 years ago.  In part because doctors knew so little about lung cancer back then, but also because he lost a lung to shrapnel during WWII, built and repaired grain elevators, and worked with asbestos.  There is no one to blame for this because the dangers were not well known, but on Memorial Day I always remember that my dad served.
For 34 years, I have been lucky enough to have a FIL that is very much my "dad".  He served in Korea.  His was the forgotten war.  We don't talk about it much but we did discuss food and lodging during dinner today.  However, I know that he is proud of his service and always pays honor to those who did not return home.  This week, he is with us waiting for results from some medical tests; therefore we needed to come up with projects to help pass the time.  Again, he went to work making another set of blocks for a quilt.   He loves to stay busy and "out of trouble" so while we worked, he sewed.  This time, he made a Quilt of Valor to honor his commitment to supporting the troops. I put the blocks together and will put it on the frame this coming week. 
All three of his sons have served or are currently serving in the military.  They are justified to be proud of their service.  Kirk retired after 20 years, Kyle is on year 16.  My husband is on his 29th year.  They have sacrificed for all of the people in this country and I am grateful to them. 
I am also thankful that all of them have returned safely each time.  Not all families have been as fortunate, but I hope all who have benefited from their sacrifices will remember to offer up a prayer for those who did not return and the families they left behind.  "No greater love has a man than to lay down is life for another."  Honor, commitment, patriotism, service, and sacrifice!  Thank you to all families who have had to accept this enormous sacrifice.  Know that it has been appreciated and honored in our family!


  1. I'm glad to find your blog. Thinking only good thoughts for your FIL. Every year my thoughts are of those who served.

  2. Debbie, Sibling #5 of 8/9July 24, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    I have read this posting many times and each time tiny tears come to the surface. As you know, I am so proud of all those who have served and those that continue to serve. Your FIL, Bob, and MIL, Joanne, must be so proud of their sons. What a sacrifice they all made and have continued to make. (I can just visualize Joanne smiling down on Bob as he keeps their shared love of family and country alive. Did she ever know about his sewing skills? I am sure it doesn't surprise her.)
    You and your FIL keep giving and giving through all the Valor of Quilts. You two are amazing...what a dynamic duo. Plus I love reading your postings and what you say. I was not given the gift of writing or quilting, but I was given you as a sister to treasure for life.
    You are a giver!
    Love you,
    Debbie (Thanks for your reflection about Dad's lung cancer, too. I always love hearing more bits and pieces about our family history.)