Monday, February 1, 2010

My Goal of Not Buying Fabric

I have stated that I planned to purchase no fabric this year with the exception of what is needed to finish any quilt I have already started.  Well, I have not purchased any fabric for new quilts but needed a few fat quarters for my fat-square sampler Block-of-the-month quilt that many of us are making for guild.  I also purchased the last of what was needed for the blue and white quilt I was given for Christmas, but I was told in advance to do it. --- The backings have not been purchased, so eventually I will need to buy some fabric, but I have $30/month allotted, so when the time comes I will be able to buy it.  This year may be the easiest gift shopping anyone ever does for me --- cash or gift cards for fabric.  (I am not counting any fabric bought with gift money/cards. --- lol)
That being said, I have managed to finish 6 Quilts of Valor, several small quilting projects, and actually have begun to make sense of most of my stash.

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