Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stash Busting!

I am making a twin-sized Yellow Brick Road quilt using all the shamrock material I have in my stash.  It is a little shocking to see that I had enough to make the quilt this big, but I am 1/2+ Irish and Catholic and love the idea of what the shamrock represents for me.
The other thing that amazed me was that I had so many different types of shamrock fabrics.  I have one more side of the border to add and then I am going to quilt it with a pantograph called Popcorn by Jodie Beamish from Willow Leaf Studio.  It looks more like shamrocks to this Irish girl, so it seems to be a great choice.  I have not used many pantos, so this will be an adventure for me in many ways.  I plan to quilt it over the next few days.  Once I have it bound, I will put up another photo.  The backing is also coming from the stash.  It is a green that looks kind of like oil and water mixed together.  Loved the fabric when I bought it, but had not ever decided on how to use it.  This will be a great combination.

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