Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Salute to Those Who Serve

I love this quilt and plan to make a similar one for my husband when he retires in 2011 after 30 years of military service.  The loops and stars quilting seems to fit because I believe that those that serve represent the pride and honor of our country.  When I put a star at the top of a quality homework assignment, I am telling the student the work is worthy of praise.  When I put stars on a Quilt of Valor, I am trying in my own small way to tell a woundered service member that I recognize how much they have given for my freedom.  To all who serve or have served, THANK YOU!


  1. Oh, it's beautiful!! Did you piece this one or just quilting it for someone? I absolutely love its simplicity.
    I love your way of quilting in the recognition and the thank yous. I hope you share that when you give away your QOVs.

  2. You asked about the stars and stripes Quilt of Valor. I did not make the quilt top, but I did do the quilting. There are a lot of quilters who are willing to make tops, but there is a real need for people who will actually do the quilting. Once the quilting is done, there are also quite a few who are willing to bind. It is definitely a group effort. Sometimes I send on my thoughts in a card which passed on to the service member, but sometimes I simply sign the label "A Navy Wife" or "An Appreciative American." Seems like that says it all.