Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Cousin Quilts

Yesterday I quilted 2 more of the quilt tops made by my nieces at the end of May. (See June 2 post) That leaves four more that have already be assigned and one that is waiting for the next little Byrnes to make its appearance. I quilted the last two with loops and hearts which is one my favorite designs. When I want to make certain the quilt holds together even if some seams give way I generally quilt more densely. Considering that the quilt top makers were rather new at quilting, some had to draw on their only sewing experiences way back in Home Ec, I went with the dense quilting. (I do not mean to diminish their efforts because they did do a very nice job of maintaining the 1/4" seams, but I know the quilts will be well loved and wanted each one to hold up for decades, just like the ones many have that were made by Auntie Pam.) Sometimes I stitch this design more densely like this and sometimes I spread it out and vary the sizes of the loops and hearts much more.

Today I am going to do a few with swirls --- something new for me. I have been practicing on my acrylic overlay, and am hoping that it will translate as nicely as it has on the practices. I do not have a specific deadline for finishing all 15 quilts, but all these lovely children have been born or are due within the next few months, so I have made a mental deadline.

Along with the cousin quilts I have a number commissioned quilting jobs that need to be finished and mailed back to their owners. I have everything mapped out and hope to be able to stick to my schedule. August promises to be busy and September starting to shape up that way as well. The best part is that I am doing something that I love.

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  1. I've not seen quilting like this before! Very cool. We're looking forward to loving on 2 of them thoroughly. :) Thanks Auntie Robin and cousins!