Thursday, August 6, 2009

14 Down - 1 to Go

I have been pretty busy quilting the last of this batch of
cousin quilts. I have one in progress on the HQ, but all the others are finished and will receive their bindings in the next couple of days. I have had fun experimenting with different designs. Since the quilt tops are all very similar yet random, I have chosen to show the backs. Knowing who will receive each of these has helped me know that some designs are more girly and some are neutral. The two green ones with loops and hearts are for the twins,and the yellow swirls is for Bryn, another baby girl. Zoe and Maddie got loopy ones, already. The rest of the quilts have loops, swirls, and stars. All the rest have been sent to or are going to the boys.
I have one back up quilt that will be awaiting the next little Byrnes. Then the cousins will have to start making more tops from the squares already cut and the remaining fabric scraps from these 15. We will continue this joyful gifting as long as needed. The original quilt maker, Pam, made embroidered quilts for many of the older cousins, but she passed away before the younger ones could be gifted. We are going to build up a surplus to ensure that all little ones will be fortune enough to be loved in this special way!

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