Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does Not Belong, but........

Zoe came to visit this weekend. While her parents and other grandparents went to the game. Kevin and I had the pleasure of playing with the little sweetheart. This baseball toy is something I bought with Dean in mind, but all kids see m to play with it. Think it is all the different sounds it makes. Anyway, I had been saying that I wished the camera was close by so I could take pictures of Zoe hitting the ball and running the bases. I did not want to disturb her because then it would have been over. Found the camera a few minutes later, and started shooting. I did encourage her a little, but most of it was what she had been doing for 20 minutes already.

I cut the video at the last moment afraid I make her cry because I was laughing or she would start crying because she hit her foot. Neither happened. But the three of us did run lots of bases after that. The applause were deafening. (We did so much better that the Twins!) Enjoy!