Friday, August 14, 2009

Cousin Quilts

As Zoe says, "Ta-da-ta!" I mailed off four more quilts to have the binding edge hand stitched by willing volunteers. I finished the machine part of attaching the double fold binding for all 15 quilts, but have 3 left to do the hand sewing. No complaints from me. I love to do the binding, so I am glad to have 3 to finish off myself. Two of these are headed for South Dakota before the end of the month, and the other one is going into storage for safe keeping until another baby is announced. As cooler weather appears, I will start asking if any of the nieces or my sisters want to have a bundle of squares sent to them for piecing, but I would love to have another quilting weekend, so......

Instead of having to cut all those squares at once, I have been very diligent about cutting up the leftover backing and making squares or binding strips for the next ones. I have the squares categorized by color or theme, so later the sorting will be just as easy as it was this time. Will every bit of the fabric make it back into more cousin quilts? NO! I have been taking a few 1 1/2" and 2" strips from each to add to my strings and log cabin quilts stash. I am going to work on a couple of each of those blocks every week until I have enough blocks for several of each type - lap quilt and bed quilts. They are what I consider to be mindless sewing tasks for when I want to touch fabric but don't have the brains left to really concentrate.

However, today I have to get started on quilting projects for clients. I have everything scheduled and should be able to reach my goals without any trouble now that I will be working less hours at the quilt shop - Minnesota Shop Hop is almost finished! Fun and friendly experience to work, but glad I am not a shop owner or in charge of organizing it.

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