Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why So Many Posts in a Short Time?

My daughter questioned me briefly about the number of posts in such a short time, so I thought there were probably others that were wondering why there have been several posts in a single day. Therefore, let me quickly explain. Quilting is my passion, and I have been asked by friends to share what I have done and what I have learned. I recently discovered blogging and think it is a great way to do this and also do some promoting my quilting services.

I have been quilting off and on for years, and since finishing Grandma's Flower Garden in 2000, I have made many quilts; started a quilting group, The Quilting Frogs; taught a number of friends to quilt; and shared my passion with anyone who would listen. Two years ago, I actually bought a HQ16 and have been quilting for myself and others since then. Beyond the social part of quilting, I also offer several quilting services through my business, Quilting Dreams. I do not have a store front and do not intend to open a "store." However, I love making quilts and doing free motion edge-to-edge quilting, and I am always interested in increasing my client base.

Quilting Dreams Note: If you wish to contact me to help you finish a quilting project, post a private comment and I will send you the information you need. At this point I am not looking for other advertisers to contact me, so I am keeping things low key for a few months.

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