Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Quilts for Zoe

During the waiting period for my first grandchild to arrive, I started making baby quilts. Jamie had selected a jungle theme for the room, so I did several using the fabric she selected, but my favorite was the grandma quilt I made. I have put pictures of several other ones at the bottom, but the grandma one is my favorite Zoe quilt. I did foundation piecing for the first time on the corner hearts and used my embroidery machine to put heart quilting designs on all the blocks. This quilt was made to go with the beautiful cradle that my husband designed and built for Zoe.

When I was making the quilts and comforters for Zoe, I had not purchased my longarm yet. I tied the comforters and did stitch in the ditch for the embroidered animal block quilt. Once I had made a few of the quilts, Jamie had to tell me that I could slow down because others were making her blankets as well. Besides the quilts and comforters I also hemmed several pieces of fleece for Zoe. At 2 1/2 she has two favorites for sleeping: the animal fleece and the Curious George fleece rather than the others. Wouldn't my mom be surprised that her great-granddaughter chose brights over pastels.

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