Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Question for Readers

The big question is how do I get my name and business out into the public?

I have been quilting off and on for more than 30 years - mostly on the past 5 years. I bought a longarm about two years ago and love doing free motion quilting with it. I enjoy it enough that I started my own quilting service, called Quilting Dreams, when I was living in Tennessee. As part of my business, I made several baby quilts and a few shirt quilts. I also quilted and bound several old family quilt tops and put together a few quilts from blocks found in an attic. The Quilting Frog members also provided me with a few quilting jobs. On the personal front, I made a number of wedding and t-shirt quilts. Then it was time to move to Minnesota where I am hoping we will put down lasting roots once my husband finishes his final Naval tour in Minneapolis. Once again, I have hopes of really getting a quilting service going. I have registered with the state and am using the same business name, Quilting Dreams. I have been doing some quilting for the Frogs and their families, and I have done a few Quilts of Valor. Even when I have no paid jobs, I am piecing tops or quilting because it is something I really enjoy doing.
My business goal is to offer good quality quilting using edge-to-edge free motion quilting designs. However, I am always up for a challenge, just like the two bears I recently finished. I believe that I offer my services at a reasonable price and so far have been able to have very quick turn-arounds. However, ALL, but one, of my clients live in other states. How do I find a niche for myself in Minnesota?

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  1. Hey, did you remember to pat yourself on the back for finishing that quilt for your niece. She was the one who wondered one college break if we could make a quilt in a week. (No pattern, no experience, from a picture in a Sundance catalog.) Yes we could! One week and about 6 years later Auntie Robin made her quilting dream come true. Again, thanks. Need references? We're your people. Again out of state...