Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Couple More Quilting Tasks Finished

I finished binding the "Einstein" baby quilt while traveling to Chicago this week.  It does not have an owner yet, but I think it would be a fun one for some sweet little baby.  The other quilt is for Quilts of Valor.  It is one that I received to quilt last month but did not finish as planned.  I only have 3 more of those late quilts to finish, and have one in the process of loading even as I type.  My plan is to have those three finished by Jan. 31st and then pick up a few more for Feb.  I also have several other projects that are calling to me, so I will be staying close to home during this next round of cold weather.
I forgot to share the blue and white snowperson quilt that Dad and I made while he was visiting.  He does the embroidering and I turn the squares into quilts.  This one is going to be used all winter.  With each set of blocks, Dad's skills and techniques are improving.  He is always learning more color names and trying to sort out what one of his spools is the closest match.  The snowpeople designs suggest colors but do not give any specific thread brands and numbers.  It can be a little challenging for him, but it gives him something else to do to keep his mind active.  Since finishing these blocks he has made several other sets and said he was on the last one of another fun set.  He seems to really enjoy having a new hobby that "Keeps him busy out of trouble."

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  1. Hey again, Robin,
    You are in trouble because I am suppose to be working on my report cards and not checking out your quilts.
    The first quilt really brought a smile to my face. I love the smiley square and whole theme of happiness on it. Didn't I hear that there is another sweet baby on her way?
    The second quilt is beautiful. I love the big blocks and the green edging surrounding the blocks. Sorry...I don't know the quilting language for what they call the green part..."Border?" Looking closer at it I got to thinking that the quilt had a white ruffle edging, too. Have you ever considered doing such an edge?
    That is so cool that your father-in-law enjoys working on these quilts too. He truly is Dad to you. The both of you have a very special relationship.
    K...back to the report cards. Call me soon.