Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on the Cousin Quilts

Just mailed 4 quilts to Jamie so that she can do the hand stitching on the binding. Two of the quilts will stay at her house and the other three she has will be mailed to other little ones as they are finished. That means that I have done my part for 8 of the 15 quilts. Each one is so bright and cheerful. Although the blocks are random, the tops seem to be very similar in their happy attitudes. I am using a variety of quilt designs and bright backs. The bindings are made from the leftover backing fabric of other cousin quilts. Any leftover fabric is being turned into blocks to await the next sewing weekend. For now there are no new babies scheduled after these quilts are complete, but there are still a lot of cousins left to change that. I have the storage, so I will just keep stashing the blocks until they are needed.

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