Saturday, June 13, 2009

Number 4

As I told you before, my nieces and I made 15 quilt tops the last weekend in May. They even used my HQ16 and quilted 3. Those have left for Texas. This one, with the monkey background has also left on a journey to Iowa, but I do not really know where it will end up. Jamie's quilt guild does show and tell, and she wanted one to share. I sent this completed one to her so she would not have to use any of her studying time to finish hand sewing the binding. Zoe thought that grandma had sent her more monkeys so it may become hers, but I have another one in mind for her. It has jungle fabric that matches her bedroom walls on the back. I have actually finished quilting the 5th one and have the 6th in the machine. At this rate, these quilts will all be leaving home before summer ends.
This is a great project for beginning quilters and their mentors. I used up a lot of my odd scraps, and they learned seaming and, of course, seam ripping. We all learned that some people need to feel very organized when they piece, and others are more flexible. Even so, all the quilts look random, thus proving that there are many ways to approach the whole piecing process! I will brag on them a little by saying that my nieces did a great job of maintaining the 1/4" seams! The finished quilt tops are simply fun, and those that are quilted are snuggly and worthy of lots of conversation.

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