Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Christmas BOMs

I realized last night that I am going to be very busy with quilt camp preparation and the camp itself, so I decided to pick out the July blocks and make some of them today. I made two of the types so that all I have is the rocking horse applique to finish for July. There are two horse blocks, but they should go together with ease. There are only three parts to each one. I may work on some other pieced blocks during July, but this way I know I will continue to meet my personal goal of three types each month.

The red/green/white blocks really do measure 3 1/2" but they need more pressing to make everything lie flat. I used Thangles to make the triangle blocks and then fussy cut the little angels. The green block is 6 1/2 ". I used a speed piecing technique shown in the directions. It was a combination of several different ways I have used in the past to make triangles, but I used rectangles, sewed them like Thangles and then made two additional cuts. Quick block!!!! When I finish the rocking horse blocks I will take another photo with everything pressed out and hung on the design wall.

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