Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's Next?

Yesterday I quilted 2 Heart Strings donation quilts and sorted out 5 more backs for the other 5 I have.  Then I made certain all the bindings are ready to go.  I will try to quilt two of the quilts each day, so I can pass them off for binding on Tuesday night.  There will be more turned in then, so the cycle will start again.

I am also making a customer quilt from start to finish.  She bought the pattern and most of the fabrics on her own, but I needed to add in some to round it out.  I washed all the fabrics before we left for our last trip, and ironed most of them last night.  I have a few left for today and then I will piece the first few just to be certain that I understand the directions.  There are 90 blocks of the same design but many different pieces of fabric, so it should be fun and scrappy(my favorite kind).  Each block is 2 colors and then there is a scrappy sashing with cornerstones.  No border.  I plan to pace myself so that I do a very accurate job and so I can take care of all the quilting on the donation quilts, as well.

I have until June 15th and then my HQ will be put into storage for some time while my husband transitions out of the Navy and we relocate again.  We have some exciting and challenging days ahead, but we are both very enthusiastic about what we are planning.  More on that in the near future.

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