Monday, March 28, 2011

What could I do but drop everything to remedy the situation?

My poor little Henry!  He seems to be distraught over the fact that he does not have a soft flannel pillowcase like his sister Zoe.  Apparently, according to his mother, he started talking in complete sentences last night and conversation needed to shared with me.  Seems he commented on the fact that he knew Grandma H loved him, but he could not understand why she had not made him a soft pillowcase for his pillow that he will be getting soon. 

Well, being that special kind of grandma, I had to drop everything and go to the store and find fish fabric to go with the quilts and stuffed toys I had made him earlier.  (He is, after all, 18 months+ now.)  I came home and immediately set to work making him two special pillowcases, just for him.  The light fabric reminded me of fishing nets.  The sharks are self-explanatory.  These treasures will be in the mail tomorrow.  Hope that will make it all better, Henry.

Henry's Pillowcases
***Okay I did a little fabricating with that story.  His mom did send a different photo and several emails today on the subject, but this one spoke to the heart of his problem.  He lovesthe pillowcase I made for his sister   The one I shared shows how distressed he was about having to leave Burger King after spending an hour climbing on the indoor play equipment.  The following picture is the one my daughter actually sent.  She had just told him to say "cheese" for Grandma.  It did touch my heart but I love telling stories.


  1. Robin--I LOVE IT when a quilter "fabricates" a story. You had me fooled. Now the truth--how much talking is he actually doing? He and Davis are minutes apart in age and it's important that I keep track of milestones. Davis loves his pillow--inherited from big brother and has no idea where it came from. (Thanks, Ma.)

  2. Henry talks constantly but not in a language we understand. He called tonight and yelled into the phone for more than a minute. I know what it sounds like when he is directing his conversation to me and calling me something, but I truly do not understand a thing.