Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speed is improving, but.........

I am getting faster at making these blocks but it took a full hour to make 4.  That means I still have 62 left for this quiltt, but I do have 10 blocks ready to sew..  Actually, the longest part is making all the hst.  I chain them and then trim down to size, (Guess that time should be accounted for as well, but I made 14 sets of 8 hst earlier this evening and did not focus on the time.)  Once those are made, it is a matter of laying the the pieces out in order and then picking them up correctly.  Sounds like I might be learning from experience.  I had to unsew at least one seam on the first 3 of the blocks.  Decided that it must be time to stop.  Plan to complete at least the 10 blocks that are ready tomorrow, but would like to prepare another 12 before shutting down operations tomorrow.  This is really going to be a scrappy quilt, but that seems to be the kind I like the best.

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