Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 60th, Sue!

This pattern is called Fast and Fabulous and
was created by Sandi Irish

Sue's  birthday is still a few days away, but she got her package and opened it, so I can share what I made for her.  My idea is to make a 60th birthday lap quilt for each of my sisters and my brother.  As I stitched this one, I thought of lots of family memories and did a lot of smiling.  Maybe I chose the peachy color because of my own memories of the summer of peaches.  Sue swears we did not eat that many, but I remember eating them for every meal.  The flannel made me think about the fuzz on peaches.  Whatever the reason I chose the fabric colors, the whole quilt reminded me of Sue.
 It is a very soft, flannel quilt that is really more peachy than orange, but since the quilt has been sent I will just have to share this version.  The label has the right color peach.


  1. Does the World Wide Web need to know that I'm 60? Make that ALMOST. I've still got a few prime, late 50s days (okay VERY LATE) to squander. Many thanks for the quilt. Great colors, super softness and dandy size and pattern. Am trying to count how many different fabrics you used--who knew there was such a plethora of flannels. These 60th birthdays come pretty frequently in the Byrnes family for the next several years. Be sure to keep those fingers nimble and those machines well-oiled. Merci Beaucoup Robin.

  2. I was not singing Happy Birthday to make you feel old! I think you should be celebrating with your hands up in the air! Claim your rightful joy and eat some cake and ice cream just to prove you are more than worth the celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sue :) Robin - another great quilt! I have memories of peaches with Grandma B. and every time I see one I think, "I could really go for some of the peach dessert Grandma used to make."