Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy Day

Began the day by finishing the quilting of Deb's yellow quilt and loading a wheelchair quilt.  Plan to sew the retirement quilt rows together before bed tonight - only 10, so it should go pretty fast.  As I cleaned up the studio this afternoon, I moved on to embroidering many of the stars that will eventually be needle-turn appliqued onto Kevin's retirement quilt - location of each star will be determined after I have actually quilted the quilt.  Thank goodness the Navy uses lots of acronyms.  I have 15 larger stars listing his assignments and positions and have 6 smaller stars listing some of the major operations he participating in during his career.  May add a couple of small blank ones to help balance things, but is TBD.  The only star that will not be sewn on at this point is the one with his actual retirement date, but I have already selected its spot. 

***Did have a photo of the quilt in progress, but can't decide on the privacy issue of showing all of Kevin's assignments.  Will discuss it with him and decide how to post after I have the whole thing finished.  As Sue asked earlier, should I put everything out there on the World Wide Web,

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  1. Robin, you know I was pulling your leg with my comment about letting the whole WWW know I'd hit a big, bad milestone birthday. Word had already leaked out and everyone who was anyone had heard about the EVENT. Give us the scoop on all your endeavors--we eat this stuff up!