Friday, July 23, 2010

What Happened to July?????

I have been busy with my other parts of life including lots of doctor appointments and being the "grandma-in-charge" while my newest granddaughter was being born.  Somehow quilting has been put on a lower priority, but I must admit that I am quite surprised at how little time I have been spending on my own projects.  I have several that I had every intention of finishing this month, but considering that it is July 23, already, I don't see that happening.  I am reworking my project book over the next few days just to see where my own quilting projects will fit.  However, I do have several commissioned pieces to quilt and they will automatically take priority in the studio.
My hands have not been idle.  I have been doing some redwork hand-embroidery when I have been riding in the car, waiting at the doctor's or taking 10 minutes for myself.  I had forgotten how relaxing embroidery is.  Beth Ritter's blocks of the month are small projects and so easy to take with me in my bag.  I have also made tons of yo-yos for making monkeys like the one I shared in an earlier post.  Both of these are great traveling activities!
It would not be fair to say I have not quilting, but the projects I have been working on were not the ones I had intended to work on this summer.  I have finished 2 medium sized toddler quilts that were a combined effort with my FIL but they were not actually part of my own plan of the day (POD).  I have also cut thousands of strips for HeartStrings quilt blocks because my FIL is a prolific sewer.  I have 5 sets of blocks to put together and have also given 4 sets to others to finish.  Then there is the very large set of Christmas fabric strip blocks that my FIL sewed together for one of my beds.  He has also made two sets of machine embroidered blocks that I will be turning into quilts and is finishing a third set.  (These are not SMALL quilts!)  Also, in the backlog of projects created by my FIL's focus on machine embroidered blocks are 5 other sets of 20 or more blocks each, and 4 quilt tops I have already put togehter from other sets he made, that he completed before he came to stay with us in May.  He makes blocks, I do the settings, quilting and binding.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad that he has something he enjoys doing and I will eventually get all these projects together, but even as I say that, he is starting to plan his next projects.  Someday when I am older and much grayer, I will look at one of these sets of blocks and shed some tears because he will have passed on, but for now, I am just wishing for 48 hours and the energy to stay awake 40 of them to complete what I have.
I work at the quilt shop for the next few days, but next week is pretty clear for me to sew, and I am planning to get into the studio at least 6 hour a day.  Watch for my updates.  Hopefully I will have photos to share.  Happy quilting to all that do, and for those that don't when are you going to start!

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