Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year with Prayers for Positive Forces in Your Lives

In a few minutes we will be starting another new year.  I consider myself blessed to have already welcomed 56 new years, but I am hoping and praying to see many more.  I have some private goals for my life this coming year, but I have also shared my goal of not purchasing fabric during 2010, while also whittling down my stash by finishing projects, completing quilts from patterns and fabric already purchased, and making scrap quilts for family and friends, and doing more quilts and quilting those that need to know they are loved and in our prayers.

I am going to keep track of how much time I really do spend quilting and just like Mary I am going to keep track of just what I am accomplishing on a monthly basis.  If I have have the quilting energy of the last few weeks, I should really be able to bring my stash under control and bring quilted comfort to many.  I will also keep you posted on a weekly or monthly basis concering the handquilting of my Christmas quilt.

Wishing everyone the opportunities to make many dreams come true and experience many blessings in the New Year.  Lets make it a positive year!!!

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