Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have NOT Cracked a Whip, But .....

Dad used the embroidery machine and made all the snowmensquares.  He also helped to choose all the fabrics for these quilts.  He has really been enjoying all the sewing activities.  I have one other one that just needs to have the binding hand sewn, another one that is full-size with 12-inch stars that have embroidered medallions in the center, and a queen-sized rail fence out of Christmas fabric that needs to be quilted.  Much of this sewing has taken place since Dad arrived on Dec. 17, thus the title.  This is not a sweat shop and he was not forced into participating.  We roped my husband in to squaring up the blocks.  Evenings have been a mixture of sewing, watching movies, and playing dominoes and Chicken-foot (dominoes).  He and my husband even had time off to play golf and bowl on the Wii and to make six of these clocks with reclaimed oak.

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