Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Present

I have the most wonderful husband.  He never complains about anything that I do, with the exception of the teasing that my father-in-law and I do to each other.  lol  I have not had a real job since we moved to the cities in July of 2008, but I have been quilting like it is some kind of addiction.  I have also bought more fabric and tools than any non-quilter would ever understand.  Keeping all of this in mind I decided that after 34 years of teasing, I could probably not change that part, so instead I am giving up buying fabric for a year. 
Don't panic for me!  I have a huge stash that has been calling to me all year.  In order to make this truly work, I am still going to put aside $30/ month for those little bits of fabric that might be needed to create the right look in my scrappy quilts, but I am not going to spend anything that I don't feel is an absolute necessity.  (Would be really great to have lots of new quilts and still have the $360 to spend when the year of scrappy is over!!!!) I already have 5 quilts planned with all the needed fabric on hand, and I have my wonderful Christmas BOM quilt to hand quilt.  Along with that, I have Quilts of Valor to finish quilting, comfort quilts from my strip stash, and lots of books to finish, so I am certain that I can do this.  I will keep a running record of how it is going and share it at the end of the year.

Merry Christmas to all and hope you all have "enough" to sustain you through the year.

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