Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilt Camp: The Rest of the Week

Mornings were spent working on individual projects brought from Texas or Tennessee or bought in Minnesota. The more experienced quilters pitching to help the newbies. Machines were threaded, unthreaded, unjammed, cleaned, and then the process started over. Everyone had something interesting to do, so the machines were humming right up until the lunch bell sounded.

Thursday was a day to sight see or was that tour a few quilt shops. Obviously it was also the day to go crazy with shopping for wonderful fabrics and tools. In the evening, we went to Quilt Cove for 1/4" Club. Everyone was entertained and motivated by watching Sue share with the group. Lots of money changed hands that day and night!
Afternoons were set aside for doing group projects. We made a patriotic table runner, learned to do in the ditch machine quilting, bias binding, and a little needle-turn applique. On Friday, we were treated to a class taught by my daughter, Jamie. The ladies made fun purses.

Although I had envisioned the evenings being time to just visit and maybe do some needle turn applique, it turned out these were driven quilters. At any given point in the day, some ladies were sewing, while others were cutting, but we also found time to share some wonderful meals, sit around the fire, and even make a memory stone for the garden designed with the help of every lady. Obviously, since we are true quilters, we ate well, enjoyed lots of laughs, ripped seams, and tried to learn everything possible in a very short time. Several ladies even finished whole quilt tops while they were here. The pictures represent just a SMALL portion of the fun had by all.

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