Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd (Already have one block for August)

WARNING!! This is only my second video.

My sister told me the last video made her a little seasick, and she had also worried that my husband had no head. Therefore, I tried to slow my movements, but there are still some jumpy parts. In the video I think I said I had 25 of the 36 block types finished, but I have 22(and I am a math teacher). I hope that you will get a sense of the quilt at this point. I have added a few stills just so you can have a better look at the horses and the little bear, who was apparently trying to turn away so he looks like he is not square.You can always go back to other posts to see stills of previous months. I am not an expert applique quilter, yet, but I figure out new things with each block.
Hopefully, my movie taking ability will improve with practice, as well. =0)

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