Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Way Off Line for a Few Days - or Was it A Week or Two????

I had a horrible cold that really took a toll on my quilting, thinking sleeping, and moving time.  Then my asthma kicked in to major overtime.  Wheezing, coughing, and dripping don't lend themselves to cutting, trimming, sewing, ironing, moving or much of anything else.  Even so, I did find one thing I could do that maybe was not really the best choice (dust factor) - sorting and ripping apart 10 years of quilting magazines. 

Looking through all of these magazines has been an terrific experience, as well. The real goal was to pair down some of the "stuff" in my studio space.   I was not specifically looking for quilt patterns or designs, as much as different trends, blocks, and possible quilts idea starters.  It was something of an eye opener to see all the changes and the new techniques.  I found ideas for using the rulers that I purchased but never actually used.  Guess that I will have lots of things to experiment with during my year in Vermont.  (Wonder exactly how much space I will have in the truck for taking my tools and ideas.)

Today I got back into the studio and sewed all day.  I had such a great day even with the wheezing.  Now I have a few non-sewing things to do so I can go back in to sew again tomorrow.

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