Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quilting, Sewing, and Shoveling

The snow blower is up and winterized, so I used it to clear most of the 7 inches of light snow in the driveway and on the walk.  It was so much easier and quicker that the last time when I did the 7 inches of very heavy, wet snow with a shovel.  When we moved back up here from the south, I was just as excited about the snow as my husband, but I have been the one shoveling it, so am thinking it might lose a little of its charm come Feb.  Seems a little amazing that Kevin is on the road every time we get a really gorgeous, deep snow.

Oh well the snow is in its place so now I am going back to quilting.  I want to have at least three quilts ready for hand-binding by the time we head out on our next adventure, so I need to put the smaller projects aside for the rest of the weekend.  Hard part to that is that I am enjoying the small projects just as much.

A week ago, I mentioned that I was experimenting on a shoulder warmer for my sister who does playground duty every day.  She is in love with it.  She said besides making her warm, it makes her feel so calm and relaxed.  As a matter of fact, she said she fantasized about it all day at work (part time job) and could hardly wait to get home to use it again.  I have orders from other staff that do outdoor duty for about 12 of these, so I guess that they will make great gifts for lots of people.  One guy wants to do a special order and pick out the fabric based on the pjs he is giving his significant other for Christmas. (Sweet!)  I have worked on minor adjustments and am just about ready to offer my pattern or the actual warmer to others.  Those that have tried it think I should have it copyrighted whether I sell the shoulder warmers or share the pattern, so I am going back to my former post and marking it such.  If you use my idea, please give me credit for the design.  Next winter, I am going to market them at a few winter craft fairs.

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