Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Post from Minnesota

I have been very busy the past few weeks getting ready for my husband's retirement from the Navy after 30 years of service.  We are planning a big send off to simply celebrate his accomplishments and also to celebrate the changes that are just around the corner. There is also all the packing, sorting and reorganizing our stuff.   We are heading for Vermont for a year while he attends the Vermont School of Woodworking.  However, our life is also going to be focused on the simple things in life.  Love, laughter, faith, compassion, peace, joy and happiness. 

While Kevin is in school, I will be using my time on various things, but when we have time we are going to ride bikes, hike, see the sites.and, spend lots of time with our passions (quilting and woodworking).  Kevin will be crafting furniture, etc, and I will be quilting.  I want to build my quilting techniques and skills, learn more about my machines, develop my skills on EQ, and do some hand quilting.

I plan to share what I am doing with my quilting and will also include some of my experiences with the rest of you on a new blog:  Quilting from Robin's Nest.  ---  Don't look for any posts until early August.  Until then, enjoy your summer and find time for your own passions.

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