Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning and Spending

For Christmas, my husband gave me a Bernina 440Qe.  I have been taking classes to learn all I can about it before we move to Vermont.  I will only be taking one machine so it is important that I get the most out of the one I am taking.  All others will be in storage for 14 months.

Yesterday, I took a class on using the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator.)  It is going to be something that I will become an expert on in the next year.  Even with only a short lesson I felt like I had already improved my free-motion quilting skills.  I did not buy anything for the machine during the class, but I did buy the embroidery module before class.

Today, I took another mastery class and learned all about blind stitching hems, making button holes, and machine sewing buttons.  I bought two feet.  I will probably not use them all the time, but they are slick and useful.

At this rate, my husband will soon discover that he has purchased a Christmas gift that will keep giving, but will also keep costing.  I am sure he will adjust because he is always a prince of a guy!

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